My Story...
I'm Rose McHale.

I was born in St. John, New Brunswick into a family, when complete included 2 parents and 6 children.  


Education was important to my parents; as a result, I went to university and graduated with a B.A. majoring in Sociology. It was while studying “Co-operatives”, then I learned: “You are the master of your destiny.  You can influence, direct and control your own environment.  You make your life what you want it to be.”   - Napoleon Hill


After university, I was married and became a mother of 4 children. I also became a caregiver for my Mother and worked part-time.  As the needs of the family changed, I took courses and accepted a full-time position as an office administrator. In this position, I worked with Professionals in the office and worked for the public in the community.  


Once my children grew up and became independent, it was time for me to pursue new goals. It was at this point that I reached out for help, did a lot of research and work to become master of my own destiny, enjoying the power and freedom of living a full abundant life.  Today, with the practice of mindfulness and meditation, I live on purpose. I take charge of managing my health, time, finances, work and pleasure, using all the resources that are available to me.

My family and friends are my greatest resource.

While attending St. Francis Xavier University, I took a course on Cooperatives. In this study, I learned of Dr. Moses M Coady, author of ‘Masters of Their Own Destiny’, the story of the Antigonish movement of adult education through economic cooperation. He professed: “If we are wise, we will help people everywhere to get the good and abundant life to become masters of their own destiny.”


It is with the above intention, that I offer my services as a speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach. It is with love and compassion that I use my wisdom and understanding to inspire and motivate individuals to set goals and achieve them so that they are master of their own destiny. 

One goal that I have achieved and continue to provide is a workshop on managing money entitled “For the Love of Your Money”.  This experience enticed me to further pursue working with people to become financially independent. 

My Services...


It is with passion, that I create and deliver influential and motivational presentations that lend themselves to the needs and interests of the audience. To determine the subject of presentation, please feel free to contact me.


Using perception and strategical tools, I help individuals, executives and organizations to create positive changes and to see new possibilities. I believe that you are creative and resourceful.


I assist you in setting goals and with my support and encouragement, you will empower yourself/yourselves to generate solutions and strategies that work for you.


My purpose is to give you the opportunity to like who you are, what you are doing and enjoy your living as the master of your own destiny!

To receive one free session, (60-90 mins.) Please contact me.

Workshop Facilitator

I create and facilitate workshops and retreats with the intention of giving you the experience of what it means and feels like to be master of one’s own destiny. 


Sometimes, we need to take a step back from the workplace to become re-energized and/or realize our worth and treat ourselves as wonderful human beings!  This can be experienced at my one-day retreat.


If you are interested in a workshop or retreat for a group of people, please contact me. 

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