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“You are the master of your destiny.  You can influence, direct and control your own environment.  You make your life what you want it to be.” - Napoleon Hill
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rose mchale coach speaker master of my own destiny

It is with passion, that I create and deliver influential and motivational presentations that lend themselves to the needs and interests of the audience.


I speak about a wide variety of topics. Please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss a topic for a speech or presentation. It is my passion to effectively convey messages to audiences of all kinds.

rose mchale coach speaker master of my own destiny

Using perception and strategical tools, I help individuals, executives and organizations to create positive changes and see new possibilities.


I believe that you are creative and resourceful. I assist you in setting goals and with my support & encouragement, you will empower yourselves to generate solutions and strategies that work for you. 

It is with love and compassion that I use my wisdom and understanding to inspire and motivate individuals to set goals and achieve them so that they are master of their own destiny. 
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The word ‘being’ indicates action and to have success one must take action. Let me support and guide you with strategies as you become the person you want to be!


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“If we are wise, we will help people everywhere to get the good and abundant life to become masters of their own destiny.” - Moses M. Coady
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